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Dr. Mike Shapow: Leading Specialist in Aquatic Therapy at Grotto de Sal


Dr. Mike Shapow: Leading Specialist in Aquatic Therapy at Grotto de Sal

Dr. Mike Shapow wrote the book on aquatic therapy, literally. For over thirty-five years, Dr. Mike Shapow, acclaimed physical therapist, USC Graduate with a PhD and Doctor of Physical Therapy Degree from Utica College in New York, has been leading the way in aquatic therapy as a primary mode of healing and restoration for the body. One of the world’s authorities on Aquatic Rehabilitation, Dr. Shapow promotes the healing benefits of aquatic therapy for parts of the body that might otherwise go undertreated or misdiagnosed.

Physical Therapy Expertise

A specialist in the art of aquatic therapy, Dr. Mike Shapow of Joint Effort Medical Wellness and Grotto de Sal, offers his keen insight into the world of physical rehabilitation, with a focus on hip pain therapy. His popular book Heal Your Hips addresses the subject from an authoritative view point unparalleled in the healing industry. With a focus on cutting-edge technology, which includes Scenar therapy and neuro-energetic therapy, Dr. Shapow currently heads the Grotto Aquatic rehab department, which specializes in treatments utilizing Dead Sea pools to address previous traumas and injuries.

World Renowned Lecturer

Dr. Shapow often lectures on new treatments in physical rehabilitation and Aquatic Therapy, discussing the positive effects of using a motion therapeutic vest. This latest method dramatically improves balance and repairs coordination deficits arising due to symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Parkinson’s, Stroke, and various Central Nervous System Disorders.

A Therapeutic Movement

Dr. Shapow works alongside fellow colleagues who aim to promote the incredible benefits of Aquatic Therapy as a significant healing modality in today’s world. Utilizing the rich minerals and salts imported from the Dead Sea in the salt pools at Grotto de Sal, Dr. Shapow is spearheading the health movement in a direction that accepts alternative methods to healing, which include positive benefits to the psyche and emotional wellbeing.

At Grotto de Sal, we bring you the best methods of healing the industry has to offer. By working in collaboration with the adept hands of an expert in Aquatic Therapy, our floating pools offer an unparalleled experience in the science of healing.