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Our Philosophy

          Located in the heart of Los Angeles, Grotto de Sal is the first wellness center of its kind, committed to making the healing properties of the mineral-rich Dead Sea accessible and attainable to all. Our interior has been designed using Feng Shui principles, which allows energy to flow freely. Inspired by the Dead Sea in Israel, the Grotto takes on a holistic approach to wellness that focuses on mental, physical, and emotional well-being. Mother Nature has equipped us with the most vital healing tools that we have chosen to embrace. Our experienced and compassionate staff ensures quality treatments aimed at fulfilling all needs and expectations. It is our pleasure and privilege to bring all of these essential healing benefits to you.

Our Story

          Co-founder, Elias Amkie, was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis in the beginning of 2013. He was experiencing chronic pain and losing his sense of self. He was constantly taking painkillers to ease his suffering even a little bit. He was sure he would be disabled for life. When he almost completely lost his ability to walk and what little hope he had left, he began to search for a cure. Western medicine practitioners offered a treatment that had many potentially dangerous side effects. With his family by his side, they were determined to find another way – and they did. As soon as he could, Elias got on one of the most uncomfortable plane rides of his life, but when he landed in Israel, he had finally found relief. The phenomenon that took place in the Dead Sea changed his life and he knew that when he came back home, he would have to bring it with him. No longer alternating between Ibuprofen and Acetaminophen, no longer in constant pain and suffering, and finally able to walk again, Elias was determined to share this magical treatment with all those suffering from arthritis, pain, and discomfort. Introducing Grotto de Sal, the miracle of the Dead Sea in Los Angeles.